Yesterday, with our technical crew, we went to the BEIKS Media Show. We attended several lectures and spent a lot of time at the stands. If this is what the market is like today, there is a significant shift towards the consumer side. It’s not surprising. For every hour of premiere TV broadcasts, there is a multitude of more materials streamed online. The quality level of content production for the internet is rising at a previously unknown pace. Creators must and want to improve the quality of their productions, especially since it is becoming cheaper and more accessible. Indeed… When it comes to prices, in a broader sense, there is no inflation here. I mean that technologies, not so long ago costing a fortune, are now budget-friendly available for small, independent producers.

What intrigued me the most was the fact that companies offering Virtual Production technologies targeted their offers even to vloggers.

These were solutions for working with a green screen, but the technologies for camera tracking and the dynamic background parallax in real-time (Unreal Engine) were identical to those used with LED Display. One of the speakers tried to demystify – admittedly – complicated tools, and I think many participants (and there was an extremely wide range: from students, through professionals to retired technologists, who probably remember the times when TV was starting in our country) could be convinced of this wonderful technology. However, I still believe that the quality of the presented backgrounds (Unreal Engine) could be much better. Using backgrounds that look like they’re from a free template is unlikely to knock anyone’s socks off with the effect. It’s 2023, I don’t know…

Everyone, of course, was waiting for the meeting with Andrzej Dragan. Us too. It was indeed the cherry on top, but on a quite good cake, that was the day at Sound Garden Hotel with the BEIKS Media Show.


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