Another award for “Jurek”

This is already the 26th award for Paweł Wysoczański’s film at international festivals. This time, the film received the second prize at the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival. This year’s jury decided that the Silver Award for UIAA Best Climbing Film would go to “Jurek”.

“Jurek” tells the story of the tragically deceased Polish Himalayan climber, Jerzy Kukuczka. However, the documentary does not focus on the mystery of his death but instead portrays a man who ascends – in the literal sense, but also metaphorically and symbolically. From a shoeshine boy to a millionaire, from a socialist worker to an international media star, from a man who climbs without money and equipment to a worthy competitor of Reinhold Messner in the race to conquer the Crown of the Himalayas and Karakorum.

At Monocolor, we handled the film’s post-production (editing + 3D photo animations).

Here is the current list of awards for the film:


Sheffield (Sheffield Adventure Film Festival) – 2nd Prize

Ushuaia (Ushuaia SHH International Mountain Film Festival) – Honorable Mention for Full-Length Film
Ulsan (Ulju Mountain Film Festival) – Grand Prix
Torello (Mountain Film Festival) – “Silver Edelweiss” for Best Mountain Film
Torello (Mountain Film Festival) – “Silver Edelweiss” for Best Screenplay, awarded to Paweł Wysoczański
Skopje (Echo Mountain Film Festival) – Grand Prix
Łódź (Media Festival “Man in Danger”) – Polish Filmmakers Association Award for a film “in which the creator has made a full and insightful portrait of a person pursuing their passion on the border of life and death”
Kendal (Kendal Mountain Festival) – Best Climbing Film Award
Islamabad (Pakistan International Mountain Film Festival) – Best Film Award
Domzale (International Mountain Film Festival) – Main City of Domzale Award

Zakopane (Mountain Film Meetings) – Grand Prix for “a masterful, multi-layered story about Jurek and his times. The film is a beautiful example of combining an important story of Poland during the PRL era and the great climbing achievements of an outstanding and extraordinary Pole”
Vancouver (International Mountain Film Festival) – Grand Prix
Teplice nad Metuji (International Mountain Film Festival) – Main Award
Tegernsee (Internationales BergFilm Festival) – Special Jury Mention
Poznań (International Film Festival “Off Cinema”) – Audience Award
Poprad (Mountain Films Festival) – Grand Prix for “a detailed and comprehensive portrait of one of the most important alpinists in history”
Lądek-Zdrój (Andrzej Zawada Mountain Film Review) – Andrzej Zawada Award for Best Polish Film for “film craft, precise and very extensive selection of archival materials, and the way in which the main character of the film was presented – without unnecessary pathos, with a sense of humor and distance to the main character”
Lądek Zdrój (Andrzej Zawada Mountain Film Review) – Audience Award
Copenhagen (Danish Adventure Film Festival) – Special Jury Prize
Kielce (Documentary Forms Festival “Nurt”) – Main Award “Golden Current – Nurt Event” for “a fascinating portrait of a great Polish Himalayan climber as a farewell to the idealistic vision of conquering peaks”
Kielce (Documentary Forms Festival “Nurt”) – Audience Award
Kathmandu (Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival) – 2nd Place
Qatar (Aljazeera International Television Production Festival) – “Child and Family Award” Mention
Bratislava (International Festival of Mountain Films and Adventure “Hory a Mesto”) – V4 Award
Bilbao (Bilbao Mendi Film Festival) – Best Mountain Film Award
Bansko (International Mountain Film Festival) – Award for a film on mountains, adventure, and exploration
Autrans (International Festival of Snow and Ice Films) – Jury Prize of the Association of Mountain Guides

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